Giraffe In Love Floor Chandelier 4m

Giraffe In Love Floor Chandelier 4m


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It is a dreamy life size giraffe holding a classic Marie-Therese style chandelier, known as ‘Giraffe in Love’, by Italian designer Marcantonio.  Not only do these fun giraffes function as a chandelier, but they can also bring a lot of quirkiness to any interior.  Its maximum expression is in the 4 meters natural size of a young giraffe.  The giraffe is in love but she does not know it yet because her heart is far from her head and she lives love light-heartedly.  A truly magnificent indoor chandelier, she’ll certainly be a talking point.  The 4-meters-tall giraffe is handmade in fibreglass. It holds a chandelier 2,2 meters off the ground.  Available in White.

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