Wall Tapestry Monarch of the Glen

Monarch of the Glen Tapestry


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In Sir Edwin Henry Landseers Monarch of the Glen, a magnificent buck, standing atop a high peak, regally surveys his territory against a background of looming mountains.  An extraordinary British animal painter, Landseer (1802 1873) often endowed the creatures he depicted with human traits. As an artist, Landseer created a series of highly detailed stag studies inspired by his numerous travels to the Highlands of Scotland.  The House of Lords originally commissioned Landseer to paint Monarch of the Glen, but it was sold to a private collector when they withheld payment. This beautiful tapestry is woven on a jacquard loom by skilled weavers, keeping alive the centuries old tradition of tapestry manufacturing from generation to generation. This tapestry is fully lined incorporating a sleeve along the top for the hanging rod. Size: 132 x 106 cm (4’4″ x 3’6″)

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